Warning: This ultimate Nintendo console set-up will melt your brain

The least transportable Transfer ever made (%: Nintendo)

Armageddon may as whilst start presently as a result of truth is rarely going to best this mind-bendingly cool house console show.

The general public really feel glad in the event that they set up to suit multiple console underneath their TV; possibly they’ll customize it with a couple of stickers or mount the TV at the wall, however regardless of how just right you assume your house leisure set-up is it’s by no means going to overcome this.

We had been first made acutely aware of the Reddit post below by reader Meestah Bull, in the daily Games Inbox, and like so many things on Reddit it’s appeared out of nowhere, without any explanation and doesn’t even seem to have been posted by the same person who made the video.

That means that this may well be a glimpse at video game heaven, with the most outrageously over-the-top TV display ever seen, which includes a giant transforming Switch and four of Nintendo’s earlier consoles.

Whoever the owner/creator is they seem to have a thing against motion controls, as the Wii and Wii U are not featured, but the two oversized Joy-Cons pull out from the side of the TV to reveal a NES, SNES, N64, and GameCube, complete with four controllers in rotating compartments.

The bottom of the TV also opens up to reveal controller connections for each of the consoles and their SCART leads. The device labelled OSSC is an Open Source Scan Converter, commonly used to upscale the resolution of classic consoles.

The whole thing is amazing but also absurd, not least because of the distance the player is sitting from the screen (with his feet up on what looks like a giant Walkman) and the fact that there’s a sofa, and presumably often people sitting on it, between them and the game.

Also, rather sadly, whoever it is only seems to own three games, as you can see them reaching for one of them via a storage area round the side.

We’re also not sure what he’s going to do when the next Nintendo console comes out and he has to find room for that…


Another reader, Sam, has pointed out that there’s what looks like a giant Game Boy on the wall opposite, that you can see in the reflection of the TV screen at the 55 second mark.

It only seems reasonable to guess that this plays, or at least stores, all of Nintendo’s portable consoles. But whose house is this and why have they never shown it off properly?

It’s not clear if we’ll ever get an answer but we can only imagine what’s in the other rooms of the house.

Giant-sized Game Boy

That definitely looks like a giant-sized Game Boy (pic: Reddit)

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