Twitch streamer slams desk and PC so hard his power goes out

He wasn’t too proud of himself afterwards (percent: Twitch)

The reside broadcast of a Twitch streamer was cut short after he slammed his desk so hard, he caused his computer to instantly shut down.

Gamers don’t have the best reputation when it comes to containing their anger, which often stems from either getting killed or accidentally dying in a game. 

Sometimes these temper tantrums get so serious they end with a teenager punching a hole in a wall over mistakes that cost them a Fortnite win. 

Gaming mice, keyboards, and monitors are the most common victims of gamer rage, although there are cases where it causes a lot more damage. 

One small Twitch streamer called Natehowwwe, or simply Nate, was filled with so much anger after dying in Minecraft that he caused his computer to shut down completely. 

Moments before his stream ended abruptly, you can see him walking around a lava dungeon, when he comes across a few other players. 

As they’re trying to push Nate’s character into the lava, he started screaming ‘Stop!’ and ‘No!’, but that didn’t seem to help him at all. 

In fact, a few seconds later he ends up falling to his death, which his viewers didn’t get the chance to observe as the screen instantly went black. 

His viewers were confused as to what had happened and after he managed to jump back on Twitch, Nate gave them a rather bizarre explanation. 

‘I slammed my desk, and my power went out. If I slam it too hard my power supply falls out, cause my PC f***ing sucks,’ he said. 

Nate then rewatched the clip where he dies a couple of times, laughing at himself and the screengrabs that his viewers started sending him on Discord.

Luckily, there was no serious damage to his gaming setup, unlike another streamer who ended up smashing his TV on accident while live on Twitch.

For the last two hours of his stream, he avoided playing any more Minecraft but instead chose to hang out with some of his friends. 

Who could have guessed that Minecraft would incite so much rage in its players…

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