Twitch streamer Knut shows bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned in 22 years

It will get worse than that (percent: Twitch/ kingdom)

The prize for probably the most bad taking a look toilet is going to Twitch streamer Knut, but thankfully he’s trying to improve it.

One look at Twitch streamer Knut’s bathroom will send shivers down your spine, as it’s covered in thick layers of grime and is the very last place you’d go to get clean.

As Knut was preparing to play a few rounds of Escape From Tarkov, he revealed that he was feeling a bit tired from having construction workers at his house all day. 

His viewers immediately asked to see how the renovations are going, though what followed next surely made them regret that request. 

Knut headed straight to his bathroom, which is the focal point of the work at the moment, but before he stepped in he warned his viewers that it looks ‘haunted’. 

‘There isn’t much left in here right now,’ Knut said while showing the empty, dark bathroom.  

He then went on to show the spot that the bathtub was once in, before construction workers tore everything down. 

twitch streamer knut bathroom corner

The spot where the bathtub used to be (pic: Twitch)
Over 20 years worth of blockage (pic: Twitch)
The bathroom is completely torn apart (pic: Twitch)

As soon as he shone some light on it, you could see thick layers of brown grime that would make even the strongest stomach gag. 

‘This is 22 years without being cleaned. 22 years!,’ Knut said as he zoomed into the blocked drain. 

He then stepped away from the dirty corner as he started gagging from being in such close proximity to the dirt, with his chat having the same reaction. 

As there was an eerie noise in the background, likely due to the room’s echo, people reacting to the clip noted that the scene looks straight out of a horror game. 

Others started getting worried about what’s lurking underneath their bathtubs, although in this case ignorance is probably bliss. 

At least Knut is taking steps to better his house’s condition, unlike other streamers who don’t know how to do the most basic of chores. 

Not long ago, top streamer xQc shocked his viewers when he showed his streaming room covered in empty pizza boxes and takeaway cups. 

On top of that, he convinced his fans he doesn’t know how to do laundry, after repeatedly asking if he’s using the correct amount for his wash. 

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