The cosmos doesn’t work to my research schedule – but that’s OK

I paintings at the darkish topic downside understanding the questions I’ve is also responded lengthy when I die. That is the lifestyles I signed up for: to take into accounts attention-grabbing concepts and expectantly in finding out whether or not any of them are right kind, says Chanda Prescod-Weinstein


| Columnist

28 September 2022


IT HAS been nearly a century since Fritz Zwicky first hypothesised the lifestyles of dunkle materie – which interprets to “darkish topic” in English. In 1933, taking a look at observations of galaxy clusters, he famous that there looked to be a mismatch between the mass indicated by means of the motions of the galaxies and the mass measured by means of how a lot mild the galaxies have been radiating.

About 30 years later, Vera Rubin and Kent Ford used observations of stars orbiting their galactic centres to actually substantiate this thriller: there used to be extra topic than lets see, suggesting one of those invisible particle used to be …

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