TF2 asset leak reveals 60gbs of unused maps, modes, mechs and witches

An enormous Valve leak from remaining week already gave us a peek on the Counter-Strike Supply map that result in Left 4 Lifeless, however there are masses extra old-school Valve belongings the place the ones got here from. Lovers are recently sorting via 60 gbs of unused Group Fort 2 belongings, together with 20 maps, 40 guy vs system maps, and various intriguing fashions. I do roughly want we would were given to play the model of TF2 with mechs that resemble three-footed Famous person Wars Walkers.

Here is a video from infamous Valve snooper Tyler McVicker, the place he pores over the 20 unreleased maps. Numerous them are simply small tweaks of maps that did see the sunshine of day, however there are some larger treats like Dusk, a 5 seize level map that might have taken position at night time. The reflected model of Degroot’s Stay with two castles reminds of ways wild a melee-only mode felt on the time, and simply how a lot amusing I had the use of it as an enviornment to apply trick stabs.

There is some just right lore in there, too, giving context to this primary take a look at the unique model of Dustbowl 2. It is neat seeing McVicker get eager about a peek on the “early early” days of the sport, when seize the flag mode labored like TF2 vintage and also you needed to take a briefcase to the enemy’s base. It sounds as if there used to be additionally a style known as VIP the place one crew had to give protection to a weakened participant, which changed into Payload.

There is rather a lot extra! An early model of Hightower had groups racing to gasoline rockets by means of taking pictures 3 flags, whilst on some other map you had to nab a key to release a prison cellular, for some reason why. There additionally 5 absolutely art-passed educational maps designed for the Soldier, and an early prototype of a map set on a zeppelin that the blue crew would have needed to crash.

McVicker says he will stay digging into the remainder of the leak. Within the interim, listed below are some much more prototype-y belongings from Twitterer Richter Time beyond regulation.

I am unhappy they by no means integrated that souped-up Engineer turret, later down within the thread. It would have intended much more Engineer avid gamers for me to stab.

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