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Each and every and on a daily basis new cellular video games are hitting the App Retailer, and so each and every week we put in combination a large previous checklist of the entire highest new releases of the previous seven days. Again within the day the App Retailer would show off the similar video games for per week, after which refresh the ones options each and every Thursday. As a result of that builders were given into the addiction of liberating their video games all the way through Wednesday or very early Thursday with the intention to optimistically get a type of coveted options spots. In this day and age the App Retailer refreshes repeatedly, so the desire for everybody to unencumber all at the similar day has reduced. Nonetheless, we’ve saved our weekly Wednesday evening layout as for years that’s the time folks knew to test TouchArcade for the checklist of recent video games. And so with out additional ado please take a look at the whole checklist of this week’s new video games beneath, and tell us within the feedback segment which video games you’ll be choosing up!


Cyber Manhunt ($3.99)

iTunes Description

Cyber Manhunt is a Cyber-Taste, Sensible- Society theme, Tale-Wealthy indie recreation. The sport taked position within the Republic of Alivia with some other theme tales ,however the destiny of the characters is carefully similar in there. It’ll focal point on social problems liking large knowledge, hacking, citizen privateness and so forth…

We wish to expose the profound subject matters in the back of the tales with superb plots and gamification. And let gamers pay extra consideration to Cyber Violence and Privateness Breaches.

Discussion board Thread: Cyber Manhunt (via DQM Video games)

Memorrha Cell ($6.99)

1674282761 556 ‘Static Shift Racing ‘Sands of Salzaar ‘Memorrha Mobile ‘Sengoku 2

iTunes Description

Move on a voyage of discovery following the lines of a mysterious tradition.
Resolve the thriller of slumbering machines and be informed extra about their creators. A various and open global stuffed with exciting puzzles and secrets and techniques awaits you.

Discussion board Thread: Memorrha Cell (via StickyStoneStudio GmbH)

Orixo Hex (Loose)

1674282761 871 ‘Static Shift Racing ‘Sands of Salzaar ‘Memorrha Mobile ‘Sengoku 2

iTunes Description

Orixo Hex is right here! Should you like Orixo, you’ll love Orixo Hex!

Very similar to its predecessor, the objective is to fill the entire empty hexagonal cells with the right kind order of movements. So simple as it should appear, it may get reasonably difficult.

Uncover an immersive puzzling revel in thru masses of home made ranges and benefit from the stress-free soundtracks that accompanies you on your adventure.

Discussion board Thread: Orixo Hex (via Logisk Studio Inc)

Otok ($0.99)

1674282761 900 ‘Static Shift Racing ‘Sands of Salzaar ‘Memorrha Mobile ‘Sengoku 2

iTunes Description

This can be a very sit back Sandbox “Town Builder”, No Objectives, simply construct your island as fantastically as you’ll be able to with the given structures.

While you get started the sport provides you with a 4×4 as much as 12×12 block island, and the colours of the Roofs, Water, Grass, and Bushes, are randomly picked.

Then you might be given a random construction that you’ll be able to rotate and position the place you select. After striking you’re going to be given some other construction, to construct a pleasing little beautiful island.

Discussion board Thread: Otok (via Jaxon Gallegos Garcia)

ReDrawn: The Tower (Loose)

1674282761 975 ‘Static Shift Racing ‘Sands of Salzaar ‘Memorrha Mobile ‘Sengoku 2

iTunes Description

A mysterious tower holds the secrets and techniques to untold energy and the little lady who wields it. Iris is the important thing in your global’s long term and will convey her artwork to existence, however an unknown evil desires to stay her from her future. When she’s captured and trapped someplace within the tower, handiest you’ll be able to rescue her and save the dominion within the procedure!

Are you able to traverse the worlds inside of her artwork to succeed in her in time? In finding out on this spell-binding Hidden-Object Puzzle journey!

Discussion board Thread: ReDrawn: The Tower (via F.F.S. Video Video games)

Sands of Salzaar ($3.99)

1674282761 247 ‘Static Shift Racing ‘Sands of Salzaar ‘Memorrha Mobile ‘Sengoku 2

iTunes Description

Sands of Salzaar is an open-world strategy-action RPG set throughout a sprawling desolate tract. Building up and arrange your forces from a unmarried unit to a mighty military, then lead them into huge battles towards your foes. How you move is as much as you: customise your hero with all kinds of talents and abilities, make a selection which factions to facet with, and plan your methods sparsely to determine your self as whoever you aspire to be – a lone wolf, a rich dealer, a town lord, or a warfare schemer.

Discussion board Thread: Sands of Salzaar (via X.D. Community Inc)

Sengoku 2 ACA NEOGEO ($3.99)

1674282761 16 ‘Static Shift Racing ‘Sands of Salzaar ‘Memorrha Mobile ‘Sengoku 2

iTunes Description

SENGOKU 2 is an aspect scrolling motion recreation launched via SNK in 1993.
Take at the function of a warrior summoned via a shrine princess, and struggle over quite a lot of historic sessions with the intention to defeat the darkish monarch.
Gamers can revel in new tactical options akin to rate assaults and defensive talents.

Discussion board Thread: Sengoku 2 ACA NEOGEO (via SNK)

Static Shift Racing (Loose)

1674282761 769 ‘Static Shift Racing ‘Sands of Salzaar ‘Memorrha Mobile ‘Sengoku 2

iTunes Description

Tear throughout the streets of Static Country, an unlimited open global playground made from more than one thriving districts. Discover sweeping highways, race thru grimy commercial zones, and flow amongst forested mountain passes. Keep tuned for updates as further districts will quickly extend the town limits of Static Country.

Discussion board Thread: Static Shift Racing (via Timbo Jimbo)

UFO99 (Loose)

1674282761 927 ‘Static Shift Racing ‘Sands of Salzaar ‘Memorrha Mobile ‘Sengoku 2

iTunes Description

1-4P native WiFi multiplayer co-op flying arcade recreation.

Carry out your highest flying, rushing and dodging talents along with your favourite persona!

Block monsters will also be discovered floating round on this colourful universe, so be careful! Pick out up large hammers and damage them. Stay difficult ranges to get the next rank and rating!

Massive bosses disguise away within the Demon Key. Dodge their assaults, select up magic pieces and struggle again. Retrieve the long-lost UFO99 letter gem stones!

Discussion board Thread: UFO99 (via Noice2D Sport Studio)

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