Proposed Bill Would Make Bringing Child To Drag Show A Misdemeanor

Republican state Sen. Dave Murman of Nebraska proposed a invoice Thursday that may make it a misdemeanor to knowingly convey a kid to a drag display. 

LB 371 bars somebody beneath 19 from attending a drag display and somebody beneath 21 from attending if alcohol is served on the match. Companies and nonprofits that host drag displays may just additionally face misdemeanor fees if youngsters are allowed in attendance in addition to fines of $10,000 for every violation. (RELATED: Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Bans The Time period ‘Latinx’ From Respectable Executive Use)

Democratic state Sen. Megan Hunt filed a motion to put off the invoice indefinitely. If granted, the movement would successfully kill the invoice. 

Drag displays have come beneath higher scrutiny of past due for permitting youngsters to wait occasions ceaselessly described as specific and sexualized. 

The management of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis not too long ago despatched a caution letter to a venue which had scheduled drag display placed on by means of a gaggle that had hosted “specific” displays for kids within the state earlier than. The letter warned the venue that it might lose its license to perform in the event that they allowed youngsters at their upcoming match. When stories then confirmed minors provide on the display, the DeSantis admin advised the Day-to-day Caller they had been “actively investigating this topic.”

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