Make a Better Ice Cream Sandwich With Frozen Pop-Tarts

Photograph: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

A excellent ice cream sandwich will have to have an alluring, but good outer layer (the “bread,” if you’ll). It must be dry, flavorful, no longer too laborious, and no longer too absorbent. That is why cookies are one of these excellent candidate, however I’d love to inspire everybody to believe the Pop-Tart. It has the entire very best traits, together with a jammy bonus layer, they usually are available two-packs for the reason that excellent other folks at Kellogg’s know they style higher in pairs. Plus, placing a stellar Pop-Tart ice cream sando in combination is simple (if you realize what you’re doing).

Assembling this ice cream sandwich is as simple as swapping temps. This is, freeze your Pop-Tarts, and thaw your ice cream within the refrigerator. The pastry, and its splendidly gelatinous filling, will company up effectively within the freezer, so you’ll maneuver it all through meeting with out an unintended, deadly cave in as you spoil at the ice cream. The semi-thawed ice cream might be more uncomplicated to unfold frivolously and briefly with no need to place an excessive amount of force at the tart. A scoop of ice cream may also hold readily to a Pop-Tart that’s just about frozen. Once I attempted a tester the use of person who used to be room temperature, the ice cream began liquifying and slipping off in an instant, making the sandwich a miniature crisis.

Put the ice cream within the refrigerator and the Pop-Tarts within the freezer about half-hour sooner than you propose to make use of them (or simply stay them in there as a result of frozen Pop-Tarts are awesome to heat, uncooked ones). You’ll want to thaw the ice cream at the countertop in a pinch, however you’ll need to stir it after about 10 mins to verify a soft-serve consistency. In case you go away it untouched, you possibility the outer layer melting whilst the middle stays frozen. Whilst that is nonetheless tasty, the purpose is to make it spreadable, and that ain’t it.

Take the ice cream out of the refrigerator and provides it a stir. It will have to be simple to transport round with out turning into too melted, one thing moderately extra company than soft-serve. When it’s able, put a couple of frozen Pop-Tarts on a plate, flat-side up, icing-side down. (In case you consume un-iced Pop-Tarts then we want to have a talk.) Unfold a heaping spoonful or two of softened ice cream onto one aspect and unfold it out up to imaginable. There’s no want to be easiest. It’s ice cream and also you don’t have a lot time. Press the opposite Pop-Tart onto the ice cream and provides it a gradual, however convincing squeeze. This may increasingly lend a hand push the ice cream out to the brink.

I used the vintage strawberry frosted Pop-Tart with chocolate peanut butter ice cream, however you’ll use no matter pairing you favor. Check out a easy cherry-vanilla mixture, or possibly brown sugar cinnamon with butter pecan. Experience this frozen dessert in an instant after construction it, or wrap it in foil and toss it into the freezer for later. You’ll even stockpile a couple of for dessert emergencies, afterall, a field of Pop-Tarts comprises 8 items of “bread.”

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