LG B3 OLED TV: everything you need to know

LG has formally showed the LG B3 OLED TV for 2023. In america, the B Sequence looks as if it will be the most affordable OLED TV the logo will put out this yr.

Whilst the entry-level A Sequence (this yr, a typically-named A3 OLED) is most often the most affordable approach to select up probably the most absolute best OLED TVs, it’s now best being offered in Europe, which means it’s been struck from the record somewhere else. Given the LG A2 made do with a 60Hz panel and restricted gaming specification, in comparison to the B Sequence’ 120Hz panel and HDMI 2.1 spec, we are satisfied for the B2 to take over – however we are hoping it is on the subject of the worth of the A2.

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