Jan. 6 Couple Tried to Use Sovereign Citizen Defense. It Did Not Go Well.


Shawndale (left) and Donald Chilcoat (proper) posing at the Senate flooring on Jan. 6, 2021. (Pictures

An Ohio couple who recorded themselves breaking into the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and posed for footage at the Senate flooring attempted to make use of sovereign citizen arguments to get themselves out of hassle. 

It didn’t paintings. 

The crux of sovereign citizen ideology is that adherents declare not to be below the jurisdiction of the rustic. Shawndale and Donald Chilcoat, a married couple from Celina, Ohio, are the newest Jan. 6 defendants to make use of the inane prison principle in protection in their alleged movements all through the political insurrection—an issue the prosecution referred to as “disconnected, rambling, and nonsensical.” 

Like a lot of those that took section within the riots, government say the Chilcoats proudly recorded and posted evidence in their crimes on social media after the truth. A criminal complaint alleges they broke into the capitol construction and breached the Senate chamber the place they took footage and despatched movies on social media to buddies actively bragging in their task. 

“I’m so freaking excited. Glance! I’m proper on the best of the Congress,” Shawndale Chilcoat exclaimed as they broke into the construction. “We’re gonna display ‘em how they want to vote lately!”

The Chilcoats have been arrested in August and face multiple charges, together with getting into a limited construction, disorderly habits on limited grounds, and obstruction of an authentic. Over the autumn, then again, legal professionals for the 2 filed a movement to push aside their case. In line with the prosecution’s reaction, the movement contained 4 paperwork—which prosecutors time and again alleged have been straight-up copied and pasted from quite a lot of assets.

The paperwork state the courtroom does now not have jurisdiction over the couple and that they have been the sufferers of fraud by way of their court-appointed attorney. The prosecution discounted the movement as “a hodgepodge of unsupported assertions, beside the point platitudes, and legalistic gibberish.” 

“Defendant’s movement has many hallmarks of ‘sovereign citizen’ pleadings which, despite the fact that they superficially cite to prison authority, make no coherent declare addressable by way of the Court docket,” reads the prosecution’s reaction.

Sovereign citizen concepts had been round for many years however exploded all through the pandemic as other folks fell down incorrect information rabbit holes and sought to disobey authorities well being laws. Adherents make quite a lot of arguments, together with that they have entered no touch with their country and that the state is a company, and a few even contact on admiral regulation. 

Maximum incessantly this anti-government ideology leads its adherents to easily being bureaucratic nightmares; in prison instances, sovereign electorate incessantly constitute themselves, and in virtually each unmarried case they’ve misplaced. However at times, the belief system and the intense anti-statism that routinely accompanies it can result in violence. The perception has been rejected by way of the courtroom device a large number of instances however that has performed bubkis to forestall fans from making an attempt to make use of it in courtroom. 

Justice Colleen Kollar-Kotelly agreed with the prosecution’s arguments and on Jan. 10 brushed aside the couple’s movement. In her choice, Kollar-Kotelly wrote that the Chilcoat’s movement is “tricky to practice from time to time, however the crux in their argument seems to leisure on ‘sovereign citizen’ ideology.” 

Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 1.50.47 PM.png

Donald (left) and Shawndale Chilcoat (proper) recorded at the Senate flooring on Jan. 6, 2021. (Pictures by the use of DOJ)

The Chilcoats are rarely the primary defendants to make use of debunked sovereign citizen concepts to check out and beat the device. A minimum of 11 different Jan. 6 defendants have tried to wiggle their approach out in their fees and courtroom dates by way of the use of the argument, The Daily Beast reported. Thosese come with a girl who famously instructed a policeman “deliver Nancy Pelosi out right here now… we need to hold that fucking whinge” as she entered the capital, an actor-turned-Oathkeeper, and a Florida guy who despatched again his courtroom paperwork stamped with a observation announcing he rejected them as an “American Sovereign.” 

Unsurprisingly, none have succeeded in courtroom. 

In spite of its loss of good fortune, the “sov-cit” scene is booming throughout North The usa and Europe, with meetings the place loads of other folks spend loads of greenbacks on access charges to be informed false prison theories. 

Maximum lately, Darrell Brooks—the person who drove his car right into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing six and injuring ratings extra—declared himself a “sovereign citizen” and fired his legal professionals on the onset of his trial. 

He used to be sentenced to 6 consecutive existence sentences with out parole and an extra 762 years and a part years.  

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