Final Fantasy XIV 6.3 Lapis Manalis Dungeon Guide

Ultimate Fable XIV 6.3 replace added a brand new degree 90 dungeon known as Lapis Manalis. It is situated within the snowy hinterlands of Garlemald and prefer maximum FFXIV dungeons, follows the layout of 3 bosses and provides in-between. We will quilt the right way to release the dungeon and what to anticipate from the bosses.

Methods to release the 6.3 dungeon, Lapis Manalis

Lapis Manalis is a degree 90 dungeon. The one must haves are:

  • Minimal iLVL 590.
  • Initiation of the Primary Situation Quest, King of the Mountain

Lapis Manalis Information

We will simplest center of attention at the 3 bosses beneath. For the Provides, it is simply the standard recommendation: Staff ’em up and steer clear of the AoEs.


The primary boss is a frost-like ape monster named Albion.

Yes, my enemy cast bars are that large.
Sure, my enemy forged bars are that giant.
  • Name of the Mountain: When Albion finishes casting this assault, the participant will pay attention rumbling and a realize will seem on display: “A rumbling within the distance attracts nearer.” Alongside the left and proper aspect of the world, avalanche-looking snow will point out the place a bunch of monsters will run horizontally around the platform, trampling any persona stuck within the rampage. It is like an AoE band, yet dressed up. There can be two such “bands,” so stay looking at either side of the platform after the primary monster parade.
  • Left Slam (and later Proper Slam): Albion will forged an AoE that takes up the left aspect of the platform. (That is Albion’s left aspect and in case your persona is going through him within the entrance, no longer yours.) He’s going to every now and then do a Proper Slam variation of this assault.
  • Knock on Ice: 3 orange circle markers drop down at the platform, and lumps of rocks will drop down in a while. Steer clear of the orange AoEs.
  • Icebreaker: Albion will tether to 1 rock. Transfer clear of this rock, as a result of an AoE will explode across the tethered rock.
  • Roar of Albion: This assault has a quite lengthy forged time and is indicated by way of all of the platform getting coated by way of a mild orange AoE. Avid gamers wish to conceal at the back of one of the most two closing rocks sooner than the forged is done.

From right here on out, Albion does not have any main new mechanics. It’s going to be a repeat of what you may have considered, yet with some overlap.

  • Left Slam (or Proper Slam) + Name of the Wild: Whilst additionally averting the animal crossings, avid gamers additionally wish to realize which aspect of the platform Albion goes to slam his fist down on.
  • Albion’s Embody: He will even have a Tankbuster transfer in the second one segment.

Galatea Magna

Galatea Magna is the second one boss, and he or she has Reaper-like mechanisms.

Galatea Magna
Galatea Magna
  • Waxing Cycle: The start of this assault is indicated by way of a large AoE round Galatea. She’ll prompt that melee-range AoE, after which virtually right away forged a ranged AoE that covers the remainder of the platform–except for melee-range. So avid gamers wish to keep as regards to the threshold of that first central AoE in an effort to transfer nearer to her briefly when she launches her 2d AoE.
  • Soul Scythe: Galatea will face the doorway avid gamers come from. She’ll then release an enormous semi-circle AoE centered at the front that takes up a large quantity of the platform. Avid gamers wish to get at the back of her or keep someplace as regards to her. In case you are close to the doorway, you’ll be able to most likely get hit.
  • Soul Nebula: This assault first lauches a party-wide AoE. Then, two Reaper’s teleportation portals will open on both sides of the platform. Crimson-pink arrows in a cross-shape will get started flickering beneath Galatea. This means the form of the AoE she is going to release at each and every Reaper portal, separately. Avid gamers wish to steer clear of the cross-shape AoE bars. When you get hit by way of Galatea’s cross-shaped AoE right here, you’ll be able to get a Doom debuff–something healers need to be careful for and take away with Esuna.
  • Tenebrism: When Galatea casts Tenebrism, 4 crimson circles will display up at the flooring. Other folks recent off the Primary Situation Quests will have to recall those from the search chain the place 0 fights along the twins and the Warrior of Mild towards Voidsents. Each and every participant will have to make a selection a circle to face in so they may be able to take in the descending crimson orb. Avid gamers may also get inflicted with Glassy Eye (you’ll be able to see this impact subsequent in your identify within the Birthday celebration Checklist). When a sparkling pink eye seems above your heads, flip clear of the boss to steer clear of being petrified.

From right here on out, Galatea will repeat the mechanics we now have already seen–but with a twist on Soul Nebula.

  • Soul Nebula within the latter part of the battle: This time there are 4 Reaper portals. They’ll each and every have one to 4 orbs, and the quantity signifies the order during which Galatea will delivery to the portal and prompt her cross-shaped AoEs. So as an example, she’ll simply to the portal with one orb first, the portal with two orbs 2d, and so forth.


Cagnazzo is the general giant boss, and he has a water-themed set of assaults.

  • Stygian Deluge: Birthday celebration-wide AoE
  • Antediluvian: Large water orbs get started forming in pairs and floating over the platform. Six will shape in overall. Within the order of once they first seem, the orbs will cause large round AoEs in pairs. So the east and west orbs’ AoE will explode first in combination, north and south will move off subsequent, after which the remainder pair of orbs may also explode in two large overlapping round AoEs. It is secure to put your self more or less in between the 2 orbs are about to blow up, after which transfer briefly to the following secure house. All the way through this segment, Cagnazzo may also do a frame slam–flinging avid gamers into the goo across the platform if they are too close to the threshold. When you find yourself within the goo, you’ll be able to be inflicted with Dropsy (sustained water harm over the years).
  • Hydraulic Ram: Cagnazzo will bounce to the threshold of the platform. Crimson AoE circles and bars will get started flashing and appearing up at the platform. When Hydraulic Ram’s forged bar is up, Cagnazzo will zoom around the platform within the development avid gamers were given a preview of. To steer clear of getting hit by way of any of his actions, staying close to Cagnazzo’s release place works–but actually, you’ll be able to make a selection any location that isn’t lit up in pink. When you get hit a couple of times, you may be able to live on (if at complete well being). Greater than 3 hits approach positive demise.
  • Hydrofall: Stack marker is put on a random participant. Stack to soak up harm.
  • Cursed Tide: Cagnazzo jumps to the threshold of the platform, and 4 Fearsome Flotsam spear-looking issues display up within the enviornment. Avid gamers wish to DPS the Fearsome Flotsams down sooner than Cagnazzo’s enrage meter fills. For healers, other markers with a countdown timer will seem subsequent to each and every social gathering member’s identify. 3 of them gets slight harm, and one social gathering member gets extra harm.
  • Voidcleaver: All social gathering individuals get a crimson orb tethered to them. Avid gamers will have to prepare themselves in order that the periodic cone-shaped AoEs emitted by way of the crimson orbs don’t hit different avid gamers. Absolute best method to try this is for each and every participant to select a distinct nook of the room. On the similar time that the orbs are emitting AoEs, Cagnazzo may also set AoE bands off all the way through the platform. Steer clear of each.
  • Void Torrent: All the way through Voidcleaver, Cagnazzo may also unharness a Tankbuster. Tanks will have to purpose this clear of the remainder of the social gathering.

The remainder of the battle is only a repeat of the mechanics avid gamers have already considered.

After Cagnazzo falls, avid gamers may have effectively cleared Lapis Manalis. Congrats! If you have not tackled 6.3’s new Alliance Raid, take a look at our FFXIV Euphrosyne information.

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